For the third time Chris's Invincible Super Blog has put out the call for 30 Second Recaps of comics. The 2008 entry, in the spirit of 2006's "Secret Wars in 30 Seconds" and 2007's "Shattered Image in 30 Seconds", is perhaps the most inherently unrecappable of all! (Click all images to encyclopedia-size):

The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition 'Adaptation' in 30 Seconds

Issue 8 arrives, and an observation is made about Reed Richards.

Months pass, and Reed's arm still hasn't reached its destination.

Brian's theory is disproven, and doubt begins to set in.

The horrifying discovery that seven months was wasted.

The Gardner Junior High Comic Guys console themselves with what turns out to be a terrible, terrible pipe dream.

BONUS FEATURE: Stolen rather shamelessly from the Cannons' Big Time Attic blog, it's an almost 3-megabyte file that shows all 15 covers strung together from the OHOTMU Deluxe Edition.

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