Inspired for a second year in a row by Chris's Invincible Super Blog and following last year's honorable mention award winner, "Secret Wars in 30 Seconds", we now present the 30-second recap to the blockbuster Image Comics miniseries of 1996 (click all images to biggie-size):

Not to be confused with 'Splitting Image,' which was INTENTIONALLY funny.

NOT SHOWN: A bunch of Image characters I totally forgot ever existed.

It's rent-a-conference-hall action in the mighty Image manner!

Badrock really is adorable here.  Hope he doesn't vanish on us!

This whole thing was just an excuse to use that 'flows through my veins' joke.

Barbaric doesn't actually say this, but he DOES say something meant for Badrock.  Oh, Badrock, we miss you already!

People DO get punched in this series -- just not often, or effectively.


BONUS FEATURE: In the final issue of the series, when Spawn arrives in the omniverse, he sees worlds that have succumbed to Entropy -- worlds that are no longer vital or relevant. They're clearly meant to reference Image's competitors. To recreate the experience that a 1996-era reader would have had, we present:

Petty slams on other comics companies (Remastered 2008 edition)

It probably should've been CrossGen, but I LIKED CrossGen.

ALSO NOTEWORTHY: I got nothin'.

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