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Now, buy our toys!

Also, if we can identify ourselves on a regular basis at least 12 times in the next week?  That'd be great!

You know I'm telling the truth because, seriously, would Galactus sacrifice his home just for part of a Cosmic Cube?  Come ON.

HULK:  Now with Banner's brain for added snootiness!

*It happened in Issue 3, Secret Wars-o-philes!!! --Brainy Brian

Later, Reed tries to talk everyone into letting Galactus eat them.  True story.

Also like Darth Sidious, Doom makes bad choices in sidekicks.

Oh, and it turned out that the power to go home was within them all along.

BONUS FEATURE: I overlooked a lot of memorable moments in this series, but I think we all know that there's one moment that's so memorable, so important, that its effects continue to be felt even today. That's right, it's:

Enchantress leans over while putting the moves on Dr. Doom

'Doom would teach you...BUT DOOM WOULD HAVE TO CHARGE!'

RUNNERS-UP: Enchantress summons a water nymph; Enchantress seduces the Hulk; Enchantress tries to seduce Captain America; Enchantress tries to seduce Thor (look, I was 12 when this came out, OK?)

HONORABLE MENTIONS: The Molecule Man reconstructs the galaxy; Captain America rebuilds his shield with "force of will" and "sheer desire"; Spider-Man humiliates Titania; Doom's battle with the Beyonder and subsequent full-page reveal; alien healer Zsaji sacrifices herself to save Colossus; the Wasp defeats Magneto and the X-Men

ALSO NOTEWORTHY: Introductions of Spider-Woman, Volcana and Titania; the death and recovery of the Wasp

PLUS: Thor got some new clothes (and so did Spider-Man)

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