Good People of the

Here's the thing: I haven't done any Web site work in about seven years. I'm on a steep learning curve, and I intend to have content and halfway decent design here...but for now, you get the classic black-text-on-white-background look of someone who only barely knows what he's doing.

What do I have for content now? An Internet chat with Stan Lee from, I think, late 1996.

What will I have? Material on Marvel's "Power Pack" comic now found at Dan Wilson's site. And a look back at Marvel's "Sledge Hammer!" comic, because I've gotten all nostalgic now that Sledge Hammer is back!

So, just remember: If you want to remember 1987 from the perspective of 1996, look no further than Good People of the

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There is no need to panic.

Last updated August 21, 2004